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True to our commitment to the Dutch market and with close collaboration with our local partner MCT BV, this year we have shown a total of 3 tanker semi-trailers, 2 of them intended for the collection of “RMO type” milk, with different finishes. and equipped with ATOP systems for high flow measurement with an electrically driven pump, either through a 24V battery mounted on the vehicle or connected to the external 400V network.


Regarding the third vehicle introduced, it is a tank built according to ADR regulations with code L4BH and prepared for vacuum loading and pressure unloading.


The 3 exhibited vehicles are equipped with steering axle systems that allow increased maneuverability to facilitate access to farms and loading-unloading areas with really reduced access.


It has been three very intense days with a large income of visitors who have been interested in our vehicles.

From here we want to thank our customers and all the visitors who have passed by our stand for the great interest and enthusiasm shown by the exposed tank semi-trailers.


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