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"Union makes Force" is the slogan we can use to describe the success of the three days of the "TRANSPORT COMPLEET" exhibition, held in the Dutch city of Hardenberg from March 26 to 29.

The close collaboration in recent years with our Dutch partner MCT BV in the sector of milk collection and transport has allowed us to develop several types of tank semi-trailer with special manoeuvrability features capable of accessing farms with really reduced access.

We have recently joined the ATOP company, specializing in high-flow measurement systems with an electric drive pump, either through 48 V batteries mounted on the vehicle or to connect to the 400 V external network.

The result of this collaboration is presented at the fair with these two types of tank semi-trailer. On the one hand, a tanker with fixed rear cabinet, where the automatic measuring and sampling system is located inside.

On the other hand, a tanker with an ATOP measuring system installed inside a "removable" rear cabinet that allows in just 5 minutes to transform the vehicle from an "RMO" milk collection tank into an "INTRA" tanker for transport between factories.

It has been three days of a great influx of visitors at our stand.


From here we want to thank our customers and all visitors who have passed through our booth for the great interest and enthusiasm shown by the exposed tank semi-trailers.


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