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Quality and Commitment

At PARCISA S.L.U., we work to ensure that our products meet the design, reliability, and functionality requirements of the relevant regulations and our customers' needs.

Enthusiasm and exceeding our customers' expectations are our main driving forces. We strive to meet all our set targets and optimise our resources.

The concerns and experiences of our customers are an invaluable source of information for us when it comes to improving our products.

We grow thanks to and for them.

Our goal is to differentiate ourselves from our competition, with a superior quality in terms of reliability and perceived quality, offering innovative and efficient solutions.

Our entire team, from all hierarchical levels, are involved and work to achieve our goals, as well as to continuously improve our Quality Management System.

The fact that our customers have made us as the undisputed market leader in the production of stainless steel road tankers requires us to constantly prove it every day with the quality of our products


At Parcisa we are committed to following a Quality Policy in accordance with the established regulations and laws.

We are certified in accordance with the ISO 9001 standard, which ensures the good quality management in our company. This certification guarantees that the quality of our products and services are high, and we use quality management processes that reduce the possibility of production failures or service deficiencies.

 Manual de instrucciones y mantenimiento

 ISO 9001:2015

 UCA certificado

 Instrucciones coordinación actividades Parcisa

Product advice

Express your needs and allow us to advice you.
We are guaranteed for more than 40 years in tankers manufacturing.

Direct phone line: +34 967 141 533, English: 2

Technical Support

Our R+D+i staff will be pleased of helping you to solve any doubt about design, regulation, homologations, etc.

Direct phone line: +34 967 141 533, English: 2

After Sales Service

An extensive International Network of Technical Assistance guarantees the after-sales service in all the countries where our products are commercialized.

Direct phone line: +34 967 141 533, English: 2
Spare parts:

Telephone: +34 967 141 533.
Fax: +34 967 144 266

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